Sometimes things go bump in the night...
— from "Ghosts See Me Sweat"

On These Airwaves is based in Myrtle Beach, SC and currently consists of three members- Eric Long, Tom Yoder, and Dave Atkinson. Long is the founder of OTA. He was the primary writer and co-producer on the majority of the songs on “Sunset Provisions” and ”Majors and Minors,” OTAs first two records. Yoder is a two-time Independent Music Awards winner for his 2004 solo album “The Moment the Apple Falls” and his 2010 song “Locked In.”  He is a Musicians Institute graduate of GIT in Los Angeles. Atkinson recorded with the band Craver in Atlanta. He is the primary vocalist for OTA.


The nine song album “No Vox,” released November 2018, is an instrumental record written and produced by Long and Yoder. In addition, the band is shooting for a 2019/2020 release date for their next record, “The Art of Being.”

   On These Airwaves music can best be described as cinematic psychedelic mood music. The lyrics often depict the state of human relations and the condition of the world.